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The research of abacus mental arithmetic theory is set sail again, and the three key research topics of China Pearl Association have passed the expert's project demonstration smoothly!
Time: 2019-6-24 13:22:34 Access: 1701

    In order to standardize the project management and ensure the quality of the project and the smooth development of the research work, the China Association of Abacus and Mental Computing (CAPA) held the "CAPA Key Research Project Establishment Demonstration Conference" in Beijing on May 13, 2019.

    The expert group consists of experts both inside and outside the system. Its members are Bi Hongyan, Research Fellow, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Liang Peipeng, School of Psychology, Capital Normal University, Professor Tan Dingliang, School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, and Cheng Beiping, Associate Research Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences and Chen Guozhong, Senior Accountant, Jiangsu The demonstration meeting was chaired by Cheng Peiping, the group leader. Zhao Xiangyi, Secretary-General of the CPPCC, Director of the Center for Psychological Numbering of the Academy of Finance, Wen Zhifang, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC, Liu Qinying, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC, and postdoctoral Niuteng attended the meeting.

    The meeting was conducted according to the following procedures: first, the person in charge of the relevant subject introduced the research plan; second, the members of the expert group asked questions on the research plan; third, the person in charge of the subject answered the questions raised by the expert group; fourth, the expert group discussed and discussed the feasibility of the project. Professor Chen Feiyan, Interdisciplinary Laboratory, Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, studied the influencing factors and cognitive behavior and brain mechanism of universal abacus transfer ability, Jiang Zhifeng, Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, and Zhou Xinlin, National Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognition, Beijing Normal University, on three codes of abacus transfer ability. The training effect and brain mechanism comparative study of type I training methods are introduced in detail.

    Finally, after full evaluation, discussion and discussion by the expert group, it is concluded that the three topics are novel, the research scheme is reasonable, the research methods are appropriate, the three institutions follow up the study of abacus mental arithmetic for a long time, the research group or researchers have a good research foundation, and have achieved important research results, which is the authority of the research field. The expert group unanimously gives the evaluation opinions of the project.

    It is reported that the ninth Council of the China Pearl River Association attaches great importance to the basic theoretical research of abacus mental arithmetic. The three items of appeal are also the main contents of the medium and long-term development plan for the inheritance and protection of abacus mental arithmetic (2018-2022).

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