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Rational view of learning abacus
Time: 2015-3-18 14:27:13 Access: 2487

    Abacus has been engaged in teaching for nearly 10 years, has experienced in the past 10 years during the height of the abacus people's obsession with the pursuit, but also through the various aspects of the question abacus abacus trough period presented. "Learning not to learn abacus" aroused great controversy, in fact, I think we should rationally look at this issue.

    Among these issues, the most prominent are:

    1, the parents think abacus arithmetic sequence is from a high counting and math elementary school is counted from the low, conflicts with the primary mathematics teaching elementary school for the children affected.

    2, school entrance exam is not abacus, abacus learning useless.

    For the above view, I put some of their own views, and common communication.

    First, from a high counting operation mode, not the abacus own characteristics, but people listen to calculate habits. We can do a simple experiment: Make a mental arithmetic have not learned to listen to people count, such as 8925 + 5825 is approximately equal to ask how much, this person will tell you, "about ten thousand thirty-four." We can see from here out, he is also from a high counting. So, from a high not counting abacus own characteristics, but people listen to instinct counted. Because abacus often considered a way to listen to showcase their strengths, so we think that from a high counting abacus characteristics, which had been a misunderstanding on the abacus. In fact, the abacus teaching "Look count" either too high from the low counting from the date, and the results are not affected.

    Second, primary school children from low counting written calculation process, the main reason is to avoid the drawbacks of written calculation.

    For example: 87 + 98 =

    From this question, we can see from a high counting results will change phenomenon, so in order to avoid the drawbacks of written calculation was adopted from the low counting method.

    Again, "Listen to count" in our daily lives very extensive use, do business to do business, work and study, the lingua franca live shopping, learning abacus for children is of great benefit to the community, we learn that To make a living, not a candidate!

    Anyway, Abacus Ye Hao, Ye Hao written calculation, is a method of our operations, as we have to go somewhere different routes to choose their own is the best choice.


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