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With computing, but also Abacus?
Time: 2015-12-7 10:10:46 Access: 2548

Currently, China is known as the abacus, "the fifth great invention" has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage of mankind apply also underway. British media named 101 gizmo to change the world, topping the list abacus. Now, dozens of countries including the United States regarded the abacus or "Abacus mental arithmetic formula" as a "new culture" into the classroom.

However, in some areas of our country, but abacus in danger of being lost: In the most frequently used should abacus accountant examination subjects, may be canceled abacus. This is when the global set off the "Chinese fever" when someone says, "computer is a block characters gravedigger", when more and more countries in the world pay attention to acupuncture in medicine, some people say Chinese medicine is "pseudo-science" and other extremely similar. Well, is not with the "ICC" abacus useless after it?

Practice has proved that addition and subtraction calculation function abacus handle random numbers is the computer that fall. Moreover, in the event of a power outage or network failure, Abacus is "combat weapon." Meanwhile, the abacus to improve the overall quality of the accounting staff has a subtle effect, if lost abacus accountant, became the "only computing, not man, that leave computing, running around in circles," the "robot", is not simply to reduce the computing power .

Abacus education and special education are also characteristic features. China has adopted several decades "three count" teaching, has a unique role in students numerical and mathematical understanding of, attention and follow the United States, Japan and other developed countries. On this basis, the resulting "abacus", but with its amazing speed and functional development of the brain, caused by domestic and foreign educational technology sector attention. Research "abacus brain mechanism" to Zhejiang University, headed by academician Tang Xiaowei revealed: child brain development of learning and practicing "abacus", can promote brain development, improve intelligence. Its papers have been published in the internationally renowned medical journal. According to Japanese scholars, often abacus can prevent brain aging, prevent Alzheimer's, so "bead altar more longevity."

Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party Congress pointed out: "Technology innovation is an important engine of cultural development", to "adhere to the unity of inheritance and innovation." In recent years, in the Pearl math processing algorithms, considered a reform and "abacus" training, innovation after another. In "addition and subtraction but three, multiplication and division, but 5, power prescribing only 25," featuring "Variation quick count system" results, the column had identified scientific and technological security projects. Japanese experts was hailed as "the 21st century thinking" and "quick count dot bead is" of national patents, national experts considered to be "of traditional Chinese abacus major reform." In the "abacus" training, which overcomes the "long cycle, heavy burden, low success rate," the lack of child care in the country by, students, blind, unemployed youth in the experiment is successful, has entered the United States and other developed countries.

Everbright Abacus promote culture, it should understand its essence. On the count processing algorithms and calculation with structure, it fully embodies the wisdom of the Chinese nation, full of philosophical and scientific thinking connotation. Not only is it still remains young in the electronic age, "secret", but we depend on mining and innovation treasures. In accordance with the principles of abacus, someone invented the bead represents English letters "bead like learning English training method"; it was like then, like the abacus to calculate the atomic data, with the abacus "Goldbach conjecture" prove; there will "change Easy quick count "and the combination of Chinese teaching, and so on. Abacus culture left us a valuable asset urgent that we continue to dig.


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