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Event Review: In mind 2017 "Hongpeng Cup" third children's mind mental arithmetic Grand Prix
Time: 2017-9-19 13:56:45 Access: 2111

June of the West Lake graceful, beautiful in Hangzhou in July warm, unrestrained. Hangzhou  in July because of the Hong Peng Cup National Beacon Invitational and  boiling, with the swan of the beads of the abacus, from all over the  country, Pengcheng Wanli, learning beads for the development of children's life to provide accumulation. Faster, more accurate, stronger, the most powerful brain training children's masculine! 300  mental arithmetic master gathered together, Hangzhou sword, to promote  the game, to match the development, abacus is China, but also the world,  the world's intangible cultural heritage is our sacred duty. Bead is ancient, but also modern, the spread of Chinese civilization is our glorious mission. Do not forget the original heart, bead flying, dancing youth, did not forget to choose, full of fingertips, dial out charm. The  third session of the Hong Peng Cup National Beacon Invitational  Tournament, July 16, at the Eurasian International Hotel held. From Beijing, Shandong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, more than 30 teams, fierce competition. "Do  not hold gold cup oath does not return," the players vowed, friendship  first, second game, with a dream, with a world, we are heart to heart. "Jing Yan practice", the coaches are spirited, hard work, love  with compose, one heart and one mind, the same way, we sing tomorrow.

See the mental arithmetic began, six groups, each group of three games each three minutes. Volleyball,  rehearsal, small players are well trained, as long as they write the  brush brush, read the papers, read the synchronization, the old stable,  well-trained. Zhejiang  Cixi Xintang Primary School, Beijing Changping Cui Village Central  Primary School, Shandong Cangzhou Elementary School, Jiangxi Ganzhou  Qiyi Kindergarten team, are the traditional Pearl mental arithmetic  school, superior strength, coupled with the host Hangzhou Zhejiang  handsome mind mental education, destined The  game must be a wonderful incentive, a high level of competition will be  able to promote the publicity and development of the mind. Zhejiang  Province abacus Association leadership, Hangzhou Beacon Association  leaders and guests to watch the game competition tension, intense,  orderly, wonderful, the children down three games without a little  tired. At  the same time, the audition at the same time, listen to the mental  arithmetic Challenge began, listen to mental arithmetic, lightning count  points 3 digits, 2 digits, 1 array were carried out, no age points,  players based on the ability to register, who is the strongest brain, Who can fight to the end, we will wait and see.

Look at the mind is limited time limit game, each three minutes, three cumulative score is the final result. This  is the strength of the test of the players, in general, the players  through the fingering study, abacus training, a year or so to form a  better mental arithmetic. High  level of players, you can do write together, so three minutes to  complete 60,80 or even 100 questions, especially the multiplication and  division of the mind to see more fluency, writing speed and passion, it  is a pleasure. Parents' cooperation, the child's efforts, the coach's lead, is the key to achieving excellent results. Listen to mental arithmetic began, the first is the three players of the three players. They  are sitting on the rostrum, one by one calm, the smallest first grade,  the largest sixth grade, the charm of the heart of mind is this,  regardless of age, as long as hard training, proper way, will form a  high level of mental arithmetic. The  game that 10 people, will soon decide the ranking, three five and a  half pen 0.1 seconds speed will aspirations first, but the game's  durability and standards are contrary to the organizing committee and  all the coach's pre- Judgment, from 3 Wubi, to six pen, ten pen, 10 players all the answer is correct, no one out. The  number of questions and the speed of the system is not easy to improve  the difficulty of each question began the audience awe-inspiring,  "bright answer", each round of success, the audience burst into  thunderous applause. Now  the title is eliminated, not only the strength of the test of the  players, it is psychological, endurance test, the game is cruel,  regardless of success or failure, each is a mental arithmetic hero; game  is fair, no matter who the final victory is the Chinese abacus The  pride of the game is fierce, at any time have been eliminated, no  matter how far, this experience is enough to achieve your strong. Normal  mind, focus, adhere to in the end, 20 minutes, the stage there are  three players left, Ming crane primary school, Cui village center,  Zhejiang handsome pearl mind three players into the white-hot  competition, three five and fifty pen all Pass,  4-digit playoff, Wubi 0.5 seconds, seven pen 0.5 seconds, ten pen,  fifteen pen 0.1 seconds all the way through, the host frequent "all  right ... ..." Let the whole venue of the air stagnation, master, master  ,  High master ah, to see a few coaches, all looking dignified, the heart  mentioned throat eyes, heart rate, each time their players answer, are  armed arm fist, refueling dear children. Has  been half an hour later, three players or no match, the host and the  presence of coaches to communicate, decided to play 5 digits! Listen to the original three-digit listening to the game, through the 5-digit play to decide the ranking. The level of competition in the National Beacon Mind Contest is unprecedented, we wish the three players luck! You are the best! You show the wonderful performance of the beads with the magic of the charm and charm. Tiandaochouqin,  with tears sweat poured in the blooming around the open, with hard work  and wisdom to lift the beads in the world rising slowly. Five-digit 5 pen first question, all right! God, the audience boiling everyone excited, enjoy such a wonderful game, a worthwhile trip! And  the Organizing Committee is also flexible to play the game 5 digits 7  pen, and finally have a player wrong, the audience still for the third  Cixi Minghe primary school players cheers, and now there are Cui Village  Central Primary School and Hangzhou Zhejiang handsome Mental arithmetic players compete for the championship. 5-digit  10 pen all right, at this moment, the two players to bear the pressure  is unprecedented, no rest time, the game continues, 5-digit 15 pen, the  host almost torn voice announced, listen to mind three array The title of the runner-up, a problem set heaven and earth. From  the host of Hangzhou Zhejiang handsome handsome heart of the Zheng  Shihan won five strokes to listen to the heart of the crown, Zheng  Shihan became the first three consecutive games to win listening to the  hearts of the players! Forward  three players to congratulate, over five cut six, today you for your  own learning record wonderful page, your life record wonderful story. To those who can not enter the top three to pay tribute, standing here are heroes, narrowly meet the brave win. Thanks to the three players who train such excellent students. In  the abacus on the road, the need for continuous innovation, practice,  the need to passers and exchanges, sharing, in the development of the  heart of the spring, we need to Xiangruyimo, hand in hand, ushered in  flourishing, flowers blooming. But also need to unite the front, unified oath, to defend the  Chinese treasures, dreams for the Chinese dream beads and painstaking  efforts, we work together.

The  next two-digit mental arithmetic, 1-digit mental arithmetic,  competition is also very intense, ten round down ten to the rostrum on  the contest. Although  the last three are high-tech zones in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Li  Zhuangzi primary school players, but until the two-digit twenty-round  play before they compete. Parents  were shocked, so many experts to Hangzhou competition, let the children  find the gap through the contest, but also inspired the children to  continue to learn the fighting spirit! Teachers  are shocked, so wonderful game is a wonderful Hollywood blockbuster,  ups and downs, full of unknown, players as long as a chance, a strong  psychological, excellent basic skills, stable play, to break out of the  tight encirclement. Like this kind of game, like cute kids. Transmission  beads calculated sprinkle fragrance, abacus child prodigy strong,  listen to flash PK God flying, regardless of victory or defeat are  masculine. Three circles Hong Peng record success, the next year in Hangzhou and then party.

Listen  to the end of the game, the children eat the food in Hangzhou, has  forgotten the tension of the game, everyone needs to be prepared in the  afternoon there are wonderful lightning game. The  referee is tight in the scoring, counting, sorting, awards, writing  awards, the organizing committee after a simple lunch, has been busy  with. 2  o'clock, 3-digit flash computing began, or those children, seven  players directly PK, with the morning listening experience, the referee  in the seven pen after 10 pen directly in the fifteen strokes, 0.50  seconds, 0.40 seconds ,  0.35 seconds, three strong production, Cui village center Li Zihao,  Yang Zhexuan and Minghe primary school students a three contest, the  whole venue again suffocated, many parents are the first time to see the  lightning count. Play four full five pencils, four ten pen all do not have to go to 5 digits flash it? Speed, 4 a 0.5 seconds, the third generation, Li Zihao wrong. Then  the referee set the flash time to 4 and dozens of pen for 0.4 seconds,  Yang Zhexuan wrong, the champion was Minghe primary school players get. Dazzling,  the children are impressed by the performance of all the people,  unlimited potential, unlimited scenery, good children, I hope you one  day to stand in the world game stadium, glory for the motherland. The  next two digits of the flash is also highly competitive, two hundred  and fifty pen 0.30 seconds, only to determine the championship, Beijing  Changping Cui Village Central Primary School Wang Shijie won the  championship. Cui Village Center Guo Xinyu won the third place, the second was won the song crane players. One digit in nearly a hundred children in ten rounds before deciding the three strong. We congratulated the top three players on the game. Today's  success is inevitable, because your dedication and reward and full of  life, today's victory is lucky, there are homes only have, because you  insist and smile full. At the same time you are full of pressure, after the 4-digit, 5-digit 6-digit ... ... waiting for you to overcome. Learn endless, beyond their own, beyond the dream, challenge no limit! Continue  under the command of the coach, dial the beads, playing the life of the  movement, continue to inherit and develop the Chinese abacus, dancing  youth, dance colorful life. Count beads crackling Xianwei, a small child prodigy Yang Guozhi. Abacus to build happiness bridge, passionate singing ringing enchanting.

Before  the ceremony, by the Nanjing Wang Changhai teacher with a blind child  to carry out a wonderful mental arithmetic performance 6 six hundred and  fifty listen to mental arithmetic, seven strokes to listen to mental  arithmetic, Let 300 players stunned, so that the presence of the coach blood boiling. The body of today's results, once again told us that my life I call the shots, never give up, never abandon, is our creed. Life  is like a voyage, inevitably encounter storms, as long as the  determination to overcome difficulties, always forward perseverance, the  wind and waves of confidence, will be able to turn around! A  sensational performance, a direction for the children to indicate their  efforts, a touching story, and an example for the players to learn. Cherish and thanksgiving, kind and hardworking in order to weave beautiful life. Beacon  mind contest will also be the beginning of our life, do something  meaningful, do useful people, the heart of the light lit, the heart of  the bonfire lit. Enlightenment  wisdom of the United States and the United States, the transmission of  the Pearl of the elite; fire propaganda Yang Guozhi, Hong Peng stage  song civilization.


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